New Year Message from Ilana

Happy New Year (and Chinese New Year) to everyone all over the world!

Instant Gratitude: 365 Days of Grace, Ease, and Laughter has arrived! Click here: Instant Gratitude, Vol 1 (paperback) or Kindle eBook.

A few days ago, Amazon took me by surprise by quickly uploading my new book Instant Gratitude: 365 Days of Grace, Ease, and Laughter, Volume 1 of my Instant Gratitude Collection. A very good friend of mine discovered it on Amazon and purchased a copy even before I knew it was available! When he learned that even I did not have a copy, he gave me the one in his hands to give to my mother, and then he ordered another one for himself. She is now the happiest lady in the world!

Now I would like to take this moment to thank you for your interest in this book for yourself and loved ones. Together, we heal. ūüôā

This is my¬†Call to Action¬† for 2018. Dial into prosperity consciousness. Three words: Use your voice.¬†Find and express your true voice¬†in every way you can. Listen to and express what is in your mind, heart, and¬† body. This living in “deliberate recovery.” Healing¬†and sustaining vibrancy¬†must take place energetically in each cell of our bodies, and you can give that to yourself. It’s free and the right thing to do. Jumpstart your attitude of gratitude to transform yuckies into yummies and what’s awful into something awesome!

Here is the deeper Call to Action: Use your voice to reach as many people who may be in too much pain or depressed to order this book for themselves. Inspire them to heal by calling them and reading aloud a page from the book the gratitude expression of the day. Then share your response to the page and offer your inspiration to move forward.

Think of people who¬†would light up with joy at the sound of your voice or the arrival of this book in the mail. Spend time with an elderly person or someone who has difficulty moving around or thinking clearly for whatever reason. Perhaps their eyes or hands are unable to see or hold open a book open to read for themselves. I have been there‚ÄĒin so much pain I was blind and could not use my hands. Being of service to people like us, you will also be helping yourself as well.

Thank you for reading my New Year’s message and taking action to serve others and yourself¬† at the same time. When you find¬†hope and laughter with me, by all means share it with others. It truly takes an entire village to achieve and sustain vibrancy. Grant yourself permission to SHINE!


Blessings to you and your loved ones in 2018. Remember to laugh deeply, frequently, and freely!



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