A New Year’s Message from Ilana (and Special Pricing)

Happy New Year to everyone all over the world,

Birth of a Self-Care Vigilante  has arrived! Click here: Access Book 1 or type these SEARCH words, “self-care vigilante” or “self-care eft,” on amazon.com.

A few days ago, Amazon took me by surprise by quickly uploading my new book Birth of a Self-Care Vigilante, the first in my Tap into the Universe for Recovery  book series. Some people purchased it even before I knew it was available! Thank you to everyone who bought it or plan to buy it for your healing journey as well as mine.  :)

This is my Call to Action  for the New Year. Three words: Use your voice. Find and express your true voice in every way you can. Listen to and express what is in your mind, heart, and  body. This living in “deliberate recovery.” Healing and sustaining vibrancy must take place energetically in each cell of our bodies, and you can give that to yourself. It’s free and the right thing to do.

Here is the deeper Call to Action: Use your voice to reach as many people who may be in too much pain to order this book for themselves. Inspire them to heal by calling and reading your favorite passages to them. Think of people who would light up with joy at the sound of your voice or the arrival of this book in the mail. Spend time with an elderly person or someone who has difficulty moving around or thinking clearly for whatever reason. Perhaps their eyes or hands are unable to see or hold open a book open to read for themselves. I have been there—in so much pain I was blind and could not use my hands. Being of service to people like us, you will also be helping yourself as well.

To support you in making your service to others more financially feasible, I have reduced the price of the book from $14.99 (U.S.) to $9.99 for this New Year’s long weekend celebration. When you buy extra books for others, you are giving them so much more than just the book. Your smile, voice, and love will come with it. And of course, I will be there too. :) Sometime after the long weekend, I will repost the original price again to help finance the production of its audio format. Will it be my voice  reading the book? You betcha!


Thank you for reading my New Year’s message and taking action to serve others and yourself  at the same time. When you find hope and laughter with me, by all means share it with others. It truly takes an entire village to achieve and sustain vibrancy. Grant yourself permission to SHINE!


Blessings to you and your loved ones in 2016. Remember to laugh deeply, frequently, and freely!



PS – Learn about my upcoming book-signing party and Self-Care Comedy™ workshops by clicking here: Notify Me of Exciting News