"I found the book to have remarkable purity,
revealing authentic insight into the mind
and spirit of a person with chronic pain ...
Ilana Kristeva is rightfully unapologetic
for being herself, as she is both unique
and universal at the same time."

—Dr. William J. Conard, M.D.,
Asclepius Pain Management

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What if your mind, body, and spirit could all agree on what, how much, and how often you should eat? What if all three could select exercises gentle enough to pull you out of pain yet rigorous enough to take you to the next level? What if you could trust yourself to choose relationships that inspire greater personal growth and harmony in all your interactions? To these "what if" questions I say, "Bring it on!"

Ilana Kristeva, MPA, is an out-of-the-box proponent of self-care practices that honor profound wisdom from a wide spectrum of healing modalities—West to East and new to ancient. She promotes public awareness of health and safety issues through speaking engagements, books, and Pro EFT "tapping" and Chi Gong sessions.

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