Dial into Your ‘Dan Tian’

THIS is why we roll up our sleeves. On a daily basis we are bombarded by mountains of information that tell us what is or is not good for our health. If you do this, you will feel like that. If you stop doing that, you will feel like this. All can be very tiresome and confusing. At FIELD of CHOICES we have a strategy for overcoming frustration caused by many conflicting recommendations derived from good intentions but may not be appropriate for us, either timing-wise or compatibility-wise for our unique bodies.


The WONDERFUL news is that each living creature on this planet has a powerful, innate mechanism for tracking what we need at any given moment: this is our “gut intuition.” Guided by a TRUTH MONITOR that we were born with and can fine-tune at any age, we are empowered to make decisions with positive results for ourselves and the greater good of others. Using a variety of energy-based tools, we tap into our intuition and rejuvenate body cells into a vibrant state of well-being with a higher capacity for healing “self” and others.


When we focus on cleansing our bodies, minds, and souls, we can tap into the countess talents and abilities we were meant to explore. Thriving with exuberance and passion in doing what we were inspired to love, we glow with vibrance and shine in our own brilliance. What had appeared to be distractions or detours in our paths were gifts of desperation and turning points for spiritual growth. Whatever perspective we have in viewing difficult events and circumstances, we can choose to readjust and realign ourselves, within and beyond our physical beings.

dan tian - alternative healing

Dan Tian

When we dial into our ‘Dan Tian’ (that space below our belly button that connects us to our energy source in the celestial realm, or Universe), we are able to expand into higher levels of cognitive processing, physiological restoration and healing, and an indescribable, spiritual bond with the entire Universe. We are offering our bodies, minds, and spirits a chance “to breathe”and maintain open channels with the source of unlimited energy, strength, and love. Clarity then comes to us in so many ways and from countless directions. It becomes our best guide to sustaining hope, love, and life FAR BEYOND mere survival.

With the support of FIELD OF CHOICES, dial into your Dan Tian to tap into your original beauty, sense of well-being, and reason for being on this planet. It is easier than you think. Ask, believe, and receive.