Explore and Own Your Choices

qigong sacramento“Laughter is the best medicine” is a great truth. The dosage, frequency, and delivery method of a medication are all highly relevant as well. I believe that a self-care regimen that expands our capacity to laugh deeply, frequently, and freely best delivers our medicine. It strengthens any healing modality, from traditional Western Medicine to ancient Eastern practices. My personal recovery confirms that laughing deeply, frequently, and freely activates cascades of energy for cellular vitality. People can hear it in my voice, see it in my face, and feel it in my presence.

Welcome to FIELD of CHOICES, where I show leaders, coaches, and athletes how to F.L.O.W.—”Feel Light Offering Wisdom” all day long, feel fantastic in their bodies, manage time with greater ease, and serve others from a place of authenticity, vibrancy, and inner joy bubbles. Enjoy greater body confidence as you adopt tools to overcome pain and self-sabotage and attain your personal and professional visions for your life. Learn to dial into your Dan Tian (gut intuition) to allow greater wisdom and power to flow through your spiritual umbilical cord to the Universe where your field of choices is limitless!

Your Vibrance Coach, Ilana Kristeva, will guide you in moving from GROANING to GLOWING, so that you may carry yourself with more natural energy and authentic confidence. With her you will breathe, tap, and laugh while undoing traffic jams in your body, heart, and mind. When you enjoy being, living, and thriving in your temple,  vibrancy will shine through. Be the role model you admire; people will listen to more attentively and follow guidance with deeper trust. Invest in yourself: integrate into your daily activities the best solutions from Western traditional medicine and Eastern wisdom for a stronger sense of well-being.

Imagine what your life would be like if you were to overcome your resistance to practicing ‘self-care.’ Envision feeling lighter, more mobile, and absolutely vibrant, because you have discharged fear, frustration, and limiting beliefs that do not belong in your body’s energy system. To create vibrance from within you, explore the many tools and techniques that support rehabilitation and enhance physical, spiritual, and financial recovery:

    • Chi Gong, the Chinese art of moving ‘life energy’ throughout the body (also known as qigong)
    • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Pro EFT, “Progressive Energy Field Tapping,” an advanced form of EFT
    • Principles of Universal Laws and 12-step recovery
    • Applications of mindfulness meditation

Begin now, to sharpen your intuition, boost your natural energy, and save time throughout your day. So, how do you “present” yourself? Dare to imagine how you want to feel in your own skin. Begin living the life of a “Self-Care Vigilante,” today. Then, join us in honestly saying, “I feel FANTASTIC in my body!”  Learn more about Pro EFT™ and Chi Gong.