Instant Gratitude

Instant Gratitude: 365 Days of Grace, Ease, and Laughter

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The former Queen of Self-Abandonment turned Self-Care Vigilante invites you to fall in love with life. Transform something awful into something awesome from morning until night, wherever you are. With an attitude of gratitude, you can ignite sparks of creativity and splashes of laughter within and all around you every day.

Ilana Kristeva is living proof that neuroplasticity is not just another beautiful scientific theory; it is her reality. Despite chronic pain, depression, compulsions, and other serious conditions, she now shares 365 of her 1,500+ daily gratitude blasts. Topics include:

  • Self-care of body, mind, and spirit
  • Intestinal health and gut intuition
  • Neuroplasticity and retraining the brain
  • Prosperity and abundance consciousness
  • Positive visibility through physical and spiritual fitness

Dialed into the Universe’s wisdom and sense of humor, Ilana offers her special brand of practical spirituality. Jumpstart your brain and spirit with higher vibrational frequencies of joy, compassion, and love throughout Instant Gratitude!  New Year Message from Ilana


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Ilana Kristeva, M.P.A., is an out-of-the-box proponent of self-care practices that honor profound wisdom from a wide spectrum of healing modalities—West to East and new to ancient. An author, speaker, and Vibrance Coach, she promotes public awareness of health and safety issues through speaking engagements, books, and Pro EFT™ “tapping” and Chi Gong sessions. Most importantly, this Self-Care Vigilante manages her chronic systemic disease—Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)—and other serious health conditions with grace, ease, and laughter. In her spare time, Ilana performs Self-Care Comedy™ and coaches the Boston Red Sox from the middle of her living room floor.

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