Speaking Engagements

“I believe that a self-care regimen that expands our capacity to laugh deeply, frequently, and freely delivers the best medicine.” —Ilana Kristeva

Is Ilana Kristeva a dynamic speaker—positive role model for many—who also happens to be uncontrollably entertaining? Or is she a vibrant comedian who vividly demonstrates how self-care and self-compassion can promote public health and safety?  You decide.


Ilana Kristeva, author of the Tap into the Universe for Recovery book series, hosts interactive presentations that engage the audience in moving energy within their bodies, overcoming self-sabotage, and making positive choices for daily self-care that ultimately promote public health and safety. She brings grace, compassion, and healing laughter to people facing difficult-to-talk-about health and wellness issues, such as chronic pain and disease, addiction and deprivation, stress and depression, and gender identity issues. Above all, Ilana helps audience members feel fantastic in their bodies by teaching them to build of a collaborative team of body, mind, and spirit that stays connected to a bountiful Universe.

In addition to appearances at book signings, Ilana is available for interviews and presentations to groups of medical and mental health professionals, patients and clients, community leaders, veterans, and other service professionals at conferences, wellness centers, pain management clinics, corporate wellness programs, and any company interested in promoting health and safety for employees. Her talks are based on extensive experience and success in adopting these powerful tools:

  • 7 Key Ingredients to Vibrancy
  • 26 Self-Care Vigilante Affirmations
  • Mindfulness Meditation and Tapping Exercises

For anyone whose hard-to-hide disability, pain, addiction, or depression makes it challenging to function every day, Ilana’s presence in their lives—and Self-Care Vigilantism—is truly a blessing from the Universe.


Request Ilana Kristeva’s appearance for radio or televised interviews, presentations, or Self-Care Comedy performances by clicking here: Explore Speaking Engagements. Fees for speaking engagements vary based on event, organization, and travel destination.