Mission Statement

My mission is to show people how to find slices of heaven on Earth within themselves, become positive role models of self-care, and end the multigenerational cycle of self-battery. I ignite joy and laughter in people while helping them to feel fantastic in their bodies, manage time with ease, and overcome subconscious blocks to moving toward their visions. Through books, speaking engagements, workshops, and comedy, I share my engaging stories of befriending time, tapping into nature, and nourishing the mind, body, and spirit simultaneously with life-affirming thoughts, food, and purpose-filled actions.

Literally a walking miracle, I now write, teach, and guide others who hunger for justice and hope with this primary message:

Being on this planet truly is worthwhile. Each of us must take personal responsibility to look within ourselves and take action against all forms of constipation. It is our duty to strengthen our mind-body-spirit connection with the Universe so that we shine with purpose and serve others from a place of compassion for ourselves and for others. I challenge people to find hope and laughter every which way they turn. The possibilities are endless.

I work with exhausted overachievers who are ready to become role models of vibrancy, self-confidence, and leadership. Together, we design self-care regimens that sharpen gut intuition and strengthen immune systems to gain greater clarity of our purpose and visions. You, too, can overcome your subconscious resistance to moving forward in your life. Grant yourself permission to SHINE!