Pro EFT™ and Chi Gong

“All you have to do is ____” is a phrase that I have always dreaded. People offer helpful suggestions with good intentions, but unless they detect my internal resistance to change, their words may fall on deaf ears. My intelligence, high level of education, and versatility across disciplines and industries does not necessary mean that I will follow simple directions. Strange but true.

_MG_0445This is why maintaining a happy, stuck-free electrical system is so important to me. Like a house or building, my body has several systems. My heart pumps blood, delivering fresh oxygen and removing carbon dioxide to and from all my cells, thanks to the precious teamwork of the cardiovascular and pulmonary/respiratory systems. And let us not forget about everything that flows through my digestive and elimination systems. I certainly rely upon all the internal organs that work to break down, deliver, absorb nutrients and carry away anything my body no longer needs.

Gentle, gradual detoxification of the used, unnecessary, or invasive elements in the body is just as important as supplying it with good stuff. Releasing or discharging whatever does not belong is vital. For all these systems to operate smoothly and efficiently, I need to support an optimal frequency of vibration throughout the body via my electrical system and ensure the on-going festivities of my heart, lungs, intestines, liver, kidneys, endocrine glands, etc. However, when my body’s energy system is stuck, scrambled, or reversed–for whatever reason, it calls for my help.

The Combination of Pro-EFT and Chi Gong

I enjoy empowering clients with techniques in which they can use their very own bodies to expedite their healing, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The combination of Chi Gong (also known as qigong) and Pro EFT™ support, strengthen, and enhance the natural flow of energy, overcoming energy cysts (blocked energy) and scrambled or reversed energy. When the electrical system within the walls of a house or building is working seamlessly, all is well. However, disturbances, shock, or trauma jolt our bodies and create patterns of strange dysfunction, such as mood swings, negative thinking, chronic pain, addictive behavior and cravings, time indifference, self-isolation, and so much more.

IMG_20110627_120611With the integration of various tools and modalities, including Chi Gong exercises and Progressive Energy Field Tapping (Pro EFT™), we can offer our internal organs almost instantaneous boosts of energy to support optimal healing and higher performance. The ancient Chinese art of moving ‘life energy’ throughout the body includes intense deep breathing exercises, accompanied by meridian tapping, muscle engagement and releasing movements, and so much more. With thousands of super highways of electricity throughout our bodies, we can give our bodies extra boosts of natural energy to support efficient flow of energy that supports all its internal and external systems.

Giving ourselves “mini CPRs” at various meridian points, energy pathways closest to the surface of our skin, is part of the solution in repairing our bodies’ internal flow and the energy field beyond the confines of our skin. If you are reading this page, you probably are already aware that Pro EFT™ is very powerful in accessing and releasing energy blockage, thereby offering relief from symptoms of anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and other illnesses. The 20 different Pro EFT™ tools work to dismantle buried trauma at the cellular level. Clients are able overcome phobias, procrastination, clutter, weight issues, compulsive behaviors and move forward in achieving goals and visions they may have been too timid to pursue in the past.

Practical Applications

Personally, I have integrated Chi Gong and Pro EFT™ into my daily activities to quicken the healing of physical injuries, minimize anxiety, improve the management of chronic pain, increase mental clarity and concentration, and dissolve negative impact of multigenerational trauma. From my experience the use of both hands (bilateral meridian tapping) is essential to reestablishing balance between both sides of my body. Pro EFT™ also addresses the importance of release stuck energy by tapping on meridian points for the liver, lungs, heart/pericardium, and large intestine, in addition to points for the central and governing vessels, urinary bladder, gall bladder, stomach, kidney, spleen, and small intestine. Chinese medicine acknowledges that the liver holds the emotional, vibrational energy of anger and anxiety, while the lungs hold grief and sadness.

Clients and patients facing complex issues need our help strengthening their relationship with their internal organs and systems as part of any protocol for both physical and emotional recovery. When we practice what we preach, they are more likely to listen, learn, and take personal responsibility for their wellness. This is a win-win situation for individuals and everyone one in their community—including us!


Special Note: Progressive Energy Field Tapping or Pro EFT™ is an advanced form of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), commonly known as “tapping.” Its creator, EFT Master Lindsay Kenny, is the founder of the EFT Institute™ (since 2003), formerly known as the National Alliance for Emotional Health.