Choose to Overcome Your Resistance to Change

After trying so many different ways to overcome challenges, you might be thinking that NOW is a good time to knock down that wall of resistance keeping you from feeling FANTASTIC in your body. You have heard yourself say, “Yes!” to better food, fitness, and finances. But despite many tips, techniques, and therapies, your body has been stubborn, stuck, and stumped. At war with your best intentions, your body has declared, “Nice idea, but it is not happening today!”

bridge-homepageAllow us to guide you in overcoming the resistance that is holding you back from making greater strides in achieving your goals and visions. Adopt Ilana Kristeva’s mantra: “I choose to pace myself gently, like a marathon runner, so that I may easily glide across the finish line in all areas of my life–with grace, ease, and laughter.”

If enjoying greater physical and emotional freedom with joy and laughter sounds appealing, then you are ready to:

  • Develop a “growth mindset” and integrate numerous energy-based tools into your daily routine to strengthen your body and your business;
  • Release both old and recent trauma that may be stuck in your body’s energy (electrical) system, so that you may actively expedite your recovery;
  • Adopt a “Self-Care Vigilante” lifestyle in which you continuously transform “heavy energy” into “light energy” to grow a greater sense of purpose in service;
  • Build a flowing connection to a source of unlimited energy, knowledge, and power and enjoy an authentic sense of well-being, safety, and peace.

If you are experiencing a sense of relief and hope that there is something here for you, please continue and click on Step 1: Learn about “Choices.”  Thank you!